Personal Branding? I am a human being not a product or brand.

11 Jul


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b2b You do Social but we do personal. Big difference.

10 Jul

A large amount of IT vendors are now really adopting social as part of their approach. The only trouble is the IT buyer has been in this “phase” for the last several years. Vendors just did not believe it. While the social revolution took place the buyer has moved into the personal not social world. Most companies will catch up around 2017 – 2020 ish. :)Image 

The Social network crash of 2014

10 Jul


Kenny Madden work currently valued at a record $92.9 m

9 May

Kenny Madden work currently valued at a record $92.9 m  By William Myers – Deville


“After the Trade show” by Kenny Madden was painted in 2012 and has recently been valued at $92.9 million (£54.9m) – the highest price ever valued by a piece of contemporary art today by a living artist.

 The 2012 painting will hopefully go under the hammer in either New York or London. ( Christie’s, Sotheby’s and several auction house are believed to be contacting the artist to try and get their mits on that big commission check.)

 Last week a version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream set a new world record after selling at auction for $119.9m (£74m).Prior to this announcement, the most paid for an original Kenny Madden  was via a private sale for $50. (£35).

 Francis Bacon’s Triptych held the previous record for a piece of post-war art, having sold for $86.3m (£53.4m) in 2008.Among the new records set include the $36.5m (£22.6m) paid for Yves Klein’s FC1, a piece created with water, two models and a blowtorch shortly before the French artist’s 1962 death.

 Jackson Pollock’s Number 28, 1951, one of the artist’s seminal drip paintings, fetched $23m (£14.2m), while an untitled 1980 work by Willem de Kooning went for $14.1m (£8.7m).

Another high-profile contemporary art auction takes place on Wednesday, when Roy Lichtenstein’s Sleeping Girl goes under the hammer at Sotheby’s in New York.

The estimated value for the 1964 “Pop Art” piece has been put between $30m (£18.5m) and $40m (£24.7m).

 Madden refused to comment for this article. However given the recent prices being paid for contemporary  art by a living artist, rumor has it he is identifying a number of properties in the Austin TX, USA and London England areas.


its about Me! – What 2 Million IT buyers Have to Say to The Brands Advertising to Them

25 Apr

“Its about Me! – What 2 Million IT buyers Have to Say to The Brands Advertising to Them”. By Kenny Madden

Quick definition of Advertising: Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive behavior with respect to a commercial offering.

Over the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to see all the good and bad of IT technology advertising.

My opinion is irrelevant so let me pass you off to the thoughts and comments from some of the 2 Million IT Technology buyers I asked How, What, Where and Why Advertising can work but fails so often:

· We are a fairly technical bunch of buyers but the words Technology advertisers use in some of their advertising just does not make sense to me.

· You got 7 seconds maximum, I can’t spend that time trying to work out the meaning of ” leading cloud augmented reality services with geo -spatial calibration across multiple heterogeneous environs.” Here’s what me the IT buyer is thinking: “Why should I care”?

· Most ads we see are about a product or about the company that makes those products. The best ads I see are about the IT buyer and how the product can help them.

· We buyers expect 3 questions to be answered in 10-15 seconds: 1) Who are you? 2) What do you do? 3) Why do I care?

· When you break down the job role of every IT Professional at every level of their career the lowest common denominator is that we are problem solvers. I want advertisers to tell me what problem(s) they help solve. If I have that problem I am very interested, if not the ads aren’t relevant to me today but maybe in the future.

· Professional, polished, super slick ads look like marketing brochures or clever advertising just doesn’t do it for me.

· Write an ad that does not sound like an ad. Good advertising is direct and gives me a snippet of what to expect from that company, product and/or business.

· If you use buzzwords in your marketing I’m going to tune you out or turn you off and remove you from my list of potential vendors.

· I get bombarded with so many different messages from vendors in a day that is already significantly interrupted by users and colleagues. I do not have the time to look at everything. Relationship is the bottom line for me. There are so many vendors, and most of them I’ve never heard of.

· The most meaningful advertising for me is the recommendations of people I trust, be they coworkers (in IT), or peers. When I hear from someone else on their experience. If they had an excellent experience with a given product then I’m going to take a second look.

There is a common thread in all of these comments — The IT buyer is effectively saying: Tell me something that has me in it! Can you save me time? Save me money? Help me in my daily job? Answer a question/problem for me?

As Roy H. Williams said in his amazing book “The wizard of Ads” – The Risk of insult is the price of clarity.

Traditional lead generation model

19 Apr


Anti – Social

13 Apr



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